To compare Stitched Up to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto may seem trite, but this book is an equally powerful and compelling critique of capitalism.
The scope of this book is truly impressive and Hoskins’ intellectualisation of fashion is meticulous.”

To say that Stitched Up deconstructs the garment industry would be a misrepresentation. What the British activist and journalist does is more like a controlled demolition, using facts and footnotes to strip away the apparel trade’s decorative exterior and then to dynamite the foundations... This is a book that will need to stay in print for years to come.”


"An incredible accomplishment." Susie Orbach, author of Fat is a Feminist Issue

Moving between Karl Lagerfeld and Karl Marx, Stitched Up delves into the alluring world of fashion, exploring consumerism, class, and garment factories to reveal the real beneficiaries of exploitation.

Stitched Up dissects fashion’s vampiric relationship with the planet and with our bodies to uncover what makes it so damaging. Why does ‘size zero’ exist? Is fashion racist? Why do 'we' consume so much?

In a compelling conclusion Stitched Up explores the use of clothing to resist. Can you shock an industry that loves to shock? Is ‘green fashion’ an alternative? What would a real fashion revolution look like?





A book that hangs like a garment on a coat-hanger. A garment with many pockets. In the pockets numberless notes and remarks about clothes and history. Take it off the hanger and put it on. By which I mean - read it and walk through history.”

Tansy Hoskins interrogates today’s fashion landscape with rigour, intellectualism and gut instinct. Stitched Up contains a number of splendidly-articulated seminal moments that will make you view your wardrobe through a different lens. A fine investigation of the cultural tyranny of a multi billion pound industry [that] operates as if above censure”

LUCY SIEGLE, writer for The Observer and author of To Die For.


Who illustrated Stitched Up?

Jade Pilgrom is a freelancing illustrator raised and currently working from Birmingham, Alabama. Her education includes a Visual Arts diploma from The Alabama School of Fine Arts and she received a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2011.

She recently won an Award of Excellence in the 33rd Annual Society for News Design.

Her work is primarily vector, with occasional jumps into traditional painting and drawing. 

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