Fashion And The Need For Discomfort

At a critical moment for the fashion industry, I gave this talk at the Fashion Communication and Promotion department at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA).

It challenges future (and current) practitioners to stop being comfortable, and to engage with the harmful realities of the fashion industry.

It discusses current events - Rana Plaza and the Bangladeshi Government's attack on the Bangladesh Accord; the legal fight for compensation for Ali Enterprises fire workers; attempts to get H&M to pay a living wage in its supply chain; and the Environmental Audit Committee's investigation into fashion's contempt for sustainability.

- Why people should embrace discomfort.
- Why the fashion industry so appalling to workers and the planet.
- How people in the fashion industry can challenge business as usual.

Thank you to Alexandra Hill and the team at Norwich University of the Arts.

November 30th 2018.